Catering also available upon request. (All food is organic and non-GMO)

Add ons:

*Organic Juice Bar      *Herbal Tea Bar       *Parfait Station








Are You a Wellness Expert?

And want to be considered at one of our events?

Energy. Focus. Health. Harmony.

We bring the zen and good energy into the workplace by customizing special events, health fairs, workshops, fitness and wellness classes and more for your company. Wellness in the workplace has proven to boost morale, decrease sick-time and significantly reduce stress.



*Stress reduction

*Essential Oils



Based on your needs and focus areas, we bring together wellness professionals in your area that will set up in a lobby, cafeteria, or common-use room and will available for mini-services, information and health assessments throughout the day. The below are common vendor types but can be customized to meet the needs of your staff.

* Blood Pressure Screenings

* Dental


* Body Composition Analysis

* Acupuncture (not done onsite)

* Nutritionist

​* Dermatologist 

​To set up any of the above, please contact

Wellness Areas

Health Fairs

Zen at Work