Bergen County Wellness Festival , The Hermitage, HoHokus, NJ

When: October 17th, 2015, 10am - 4pm

Where: The Hermitage, HoHoKus, NJ

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Hannah Kim's Bio

Healing with the Solar Method

Rachel Marie

Hanah Kim: Certified Brain Management Trainer by the International Brain Education Association. Certified massage therapist and Health & Life Coach from Sun Institute. Owner/operator of Body & Brain Wyckoff from 2004. Regional trainer for: Finding True Self Workshop, Oriental Medicine Principles and Energy Healing Workshops. Senior Master Yoga and Tai Chi instructor.

The Solar Body Method, the secret to natural healing is a body practice in which we raise our body temperature to activate our own natural healing powers.We do this through a series of exercises, one of which is plate balancing. Hanah will be demonstrating this technique. Plate balancing involves moving your arms in a figure-eight pattern - a vertical infinity - while balancing a plate on your hand. This exercise strengthens the  body's major joints & meridans (energy channels), especially the upper body & abdominal area. Exercise can also be done without the plate.